8000Q Remote Controlled Preamp

The Audiolab 8000Q Preamplifier has a magnificently natural and open sound with superb resolution of detail and dynamics. We believe the sound is so pure, nothing added and nothing taken away, that the introduction of the 8000Q represents the most significant advance in Hi-Fi amplifiers since the original Audiolab 8000A Integrated Amplifier took the Hi-fi market by storm nearly 10 years ago.

While the 8000Q is a more purist design than the well known Audiolab 8000C Preamplifier it is by no means a minimalist design. There are 6 line inputs and 3 tape outputs. Gain is adjustable in 3dB steps from 0-15dB, to match a wide range of Hi-fi systems with different power amplifier and speaker sensitivities. A direct coupled headphone output, and two sets of audio outputs make it a very versatile preamplifier.

Input, volume and muting can be set by remote control. All signals are switched with high quality small signal relays and the volume control is a motorized potentiometer. Both were chosen in preference to any electronic devices which would have introduced unacceptable coloration. The mechanical design and printed circuit layout are optimized to keep all signal path as short as possible.


    No Longer Available    

Technical Specifications

  Completely DC coupled Class A design
  Intelligent microprocessor control
  Toroidal transformer
  6 line level inputs and 3 tape loops
  2 low source impedance pre-amp outs
  Remote control of input volume and muting
  Overall gain adjustment in six 3dB steps
  Ultra low noise and distortion
  Automatic fault protection and muting


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Remote Controlled Preamp


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