8000PPA Phono Preamp

At a time when most Hi-Fi manufacturers have abandoned development of analog phono amplifiers Audiolab still appreciates that many discerning music enthusiasts have treasured collections of LP's. We know these listeners will be excited by the outstanding improvement in sound quality of the new Audiolab 8000PPA Phono Preamplifier.

The Audiolab 8000PPA Phono Preamplifier is the first Audiolab design to incorporate Zq TECHNOLOGY. There are inputs for two turntables. Each input has three gain settings with automatic impedance switching to match all types of Moving Coil and Moving Magnet cartridges. The low output impedance line amplifier will drive long cables and all types of preamplifiers and integrated amplifiers. Sensitive turntables can be placed well away from other equipment if required.

Low frequency response can extend down to an astonishing 0.1Hz. This is possible because highly sensitive output offset detectors and a digitally controlled automatic muting system ensure that large sub-sonic signals can never be passed to the main amplifier and loudspeakers, even when you lift the tonearm from a disk.


   No Longer Available    

Technical Specifications

  Completely DC coupled Class A design
  Intelligent microprocessor control
  Toroidal transformer
  6 line level inputs and 3 tape loops
  2 low source impedance pre-amp outs
  Remote control of input volume and muting
  Overall gain adjustment in six 3dB steps
  Ultra low noise and distortion
  Automatic fault protection and muting


Class A Preamp


Remote Controlled Preamp


Phono Preamp