8000C Class A Preamp

The Audiolab 8000C Preamplifier is a highly versatile control preamplifier. It offers the flexibility of tone controls, built in class A headphone amplifier and low output impedance line amplifier. It has inputs for CD, phono, tuner, video, tape 1 and tape 2. The phono inputs match all types of modern Moving Coil and Moving Magnet cartridges.

The low output impedance line amplifier is a miniature class A power amplifier with current mirror bias. Perfect for long cables and multiple power amplifiers. That is especially important if you want to place your power amplifiers (e.g. 8000MX's) close to the loudspeakers.


   No Longer Available    

Technical Specifications

  Class A preamplifier
  Toroidal transformer
  6 line level inputs and 2 tape loops
  MM and MC phono inputs
  Headphone output jack
  Phase compensated tone control system with by-pass switch
  Output muting switch
  Low source impedance line amplifier


Class A Preamp


Remote Controlled Preamp


Phono Preamp